Et Sniper

Increase phone-based sales. Enhance customer relations.

Initiate efficient email & text communication in one click.

What is ET Sniper?

Generally speaking, it's a browser extension. But, there's a lot more we want to tell you about.

ET Sniper enhances your phone-based customer interactions by providing one-click Email and Text communications and instant connection to a client-controlled content platform. With ET Sniper, you can create an unlimited repository of prebuilt email and text messages, organized within campaigns and accessible to your entire organization. Our powerful personalization features, including User Entered Data and Auto Field Capture, offer limitless ways  to expand your communication beyond static messaging.

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What will ET Sniper do for you?

Our features are guaranteed to enhance your work experience.

Instant Information

Provide the information needed to get a prospect closed while on the phone.

Increase Contacts

Use Text for missed callbacks & reminders, and get notified when your prospect responds.

Cultivate Your Leads

Create urgent and credible messages to increase the success of your callbacks.

Gain Instant Credibility

Let them "see" what you are saying establishing creditiblity with your content.

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OfferPad - Instant Presentation Platform


Offers are a collection of content items including images, video and rich text documents, ordered and arranged by you into sections to present to a customer. Your "offer" includes those that have been marked as "Default", which you can then change, add, or remove while viewing with the customer.

OfferPad Frame

Offers are sent to customers as a link via email or text. When clicked, it takes the customer to the OfferPad Frame which resides on a page on YOUR website! Customers will then see the selected content while the user dashboard includes the active frame, plus the ability to select/unselect to change an offer.

Control, Save & Set

With rich text documents, links to company resources (including product pages), FAQ's and payment gateways are easily achieved. Because each offer is unique, changes can be saved and remain available for continued viewing. Users can also set an expiration for customers continued access to the saved offer.

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